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When Comfort Meets Luxury:

MVP Rentals' Mobile Executive Restrooms

There’s no denying that outdoor events, whether big or small and intimate, come with unique challenges. One such challenge is providing comfortable and luxurious restrooms for guests. At MVP Rentals’, our mobile executive restrooms are the option to elevate your event. They redefine the outdoor restroom experience by blending comfort with luxury, ensuring your event is a class apart.



Outdoor events create unforgettable memories, but MVP Rentals' luxury restroom trailers make these occasions even more special. As soon as they arrive, your guests will be impressed by the sophistication and elegance of these restroom trailers, immediately setting your event apart. These mobile executive restrooms are entirely self-contained, only needing an outlet to function. They are equipped with several premium features that redefine the portable restroom experience. Immaculately designed interiors, climate control, and a host of other deluxe elements bring a new level of comfort and luxury to your event. The amenities included go far beyond what's expected, providing a hotel-like experience that your guests won't forget. MVP Rentals' luxury restroom trailers not only meet the basic needs of your guests, but they also offer an environment where they can relax and refresh, raising the overall standard of your event. So why settle for ordinary when you can opt for extraordinary with MVP Rentals' luxury restroom trailers?

Imagine a restroom that mirrors the elegance and comfort of a posh hotel suite, only it’s mobile. MVP Rentals’ mobile executive restrooms shatter the typical perception of portable toilets, showcasing our knack for innovative and sophisticated event solutions. Each restroom embodies finesse with its real toilets, counters, and stylish fixtures, invoking an aura of luxury. You can bid farewell to the conventional image of crowded and uncomfortable portable toilets. The mobile executive restrooms we offer don't just meet a basic necessity, they curate a memorable experience, a unique touch your guests will be pleasantly surprised by and are bound to remember.

From outdoor weddings to the electric atmosphere of music festivals, MVP Rentals' mobile executive restrooms offer the ideal solution for any event that demands a superior restroom experience. Perfect for corporate retreats where every detail speaks volumes about your organization’s dedication to quality, or family gatherings where convenience and comfort take center stage. These mobile restrooms offer a unique blend of elegance and functionality, ensuring that each guest is well-catered to. One of the best aspects of our mobile restrooms is their versatility. These can be seamlessly incorporated into any event location, no matter how unconventional or remote. Transforming a simple necessity into an exceptional experience, these restrooms bring an element of luxury to any occasion, making them an ideal addition to all your outdoor events restrooms.

Our luxury restroom trailers offer a host of impressive features designed to provide utmost comfort. Equipped with interior and exterior lighting, these trailers ensure visibility at all times, regardless of when your event takes place. They also come with an integrated heating system and air conditioning, catering to most weather conditions and making them comfortable year-round. For added convenience, the trailers feature flushing toilets and hot/cold running water, making the experience even more similar to that of a hotel restroom. But the luxury doesn't stop there, we've also added soap and towelettes to ensure your guests' cleanliness and comfort. In addition to these amenities, our luxury restroom trailers also include two baby changing stations, offering a practical solution for guests with little ones. Last but not least, our trailers are gender-considerate, featuring a urinal on the gentleman's side. These features work together to ensure that your guests have a restroom experience that is nothing short of outstanding, providing them with all the comfort and luxury they deserve. 

We also offer generators to power it for an additional charge of $75.


  • Lowest floor height with large waste tanks
  • Rooftop air-conditioners, 13,500 BTU, with 5600 BTU heat strips included
  • Porcelain RV style water-saving toilets, one pint per standard flush
  • Timed faucets
  • Mirrors
  • Linoleum floors, single piece in each room protects the trailer from water damage
  • Powder coated toilet partitions
  • Urinal privacy screens
  • Standard Fiberglass wall panels, attractive and easy to clean
  • LED Interior lighting, interior and exterior
  • Tank level visual sight l
Jennifer Jacaway
Jennifer Jacaway
MVP has very friendly staff. Their customer service is a 5 star. We usually get to work with this company every summer. I highly recommend. We have never been disappointed. We have needed the portable toilets moved in the past to sightly different areas then what they were placed. They have always been more than happy to make sure that we were accommodated and they were placed where we needed them.They keep the units super clean and stocked. They always go above and beyond. Love this company. Thank you all so much for all you do!!!!
Melissa Hart
Melissa Hart
DO NOT USE this service. This company came to do a routine septic system drain on RV and the technician blew raw sewage from a previous job into my property. This blew my lines, septic system and under belly full of human feces from another dump job. Multiple attempts with the owner to report and reconcile were made and ultimately no solution was offered. Liability and responsibility were solely on this company and human feces were blowing out of the roof and underbelly of a like new toy hauler. All employees admitted fault but ultimately the owner refuses to cover damage. DO NOT USE this company.
Paul Haacke
Paul Haacke
I have high expectations and MVP Rentals exceeded them. Everyone from the office staff to the delivery person were incredibly friendly, polite and very helpful. We were in a bind and needed quick assistance and MVP delivered for us. I highly recommend their services.
Jessica Hughes
Jessica Hughes
This company is hard working, reliable and gets the job done right!
Zak Nunan
Zak Nunan
They do some good work. Fast too!
Kayden Patterson
Kayden Patterson
They clean great and their employees are super friendly!
Connor Patterson
Connor Patterson
Super nice and they jumped right on it when I called

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Calculations are based on best industry provided practices and traffic statistics. This Portable Restrooms and Handwash Sinks Calculator is meant to be used only as an estimation tool. Always check first with your local health department for their final approval before purchasing restrooms and sinks when planning a large event to ensure that your provided facilities level meets their standards and regulations.