Portable Restroom Rental FAQ

Portable Toilet Units

For long-term use, a weekly service or after 80-100 uses is recommended. Large special events may necessitate daily or nightly servicing. To determine the ideal frequency for your specific needs, consider using the calculator for personalized assistance. Discuss the results with our customer service representative when renting to ensure a customized and optimal servicing plan.

For events serving alcohol, we suggest adding 13% more restroom units. For example, if you're hosting a 3-hour event with 3000 people and alcohol, consider renting an extra 2 units, making it a total of 19 restroom units.

While our units don't have built-in sinks, you can rent portable sinks separately. Each unit, however, does come with hand sanitizer.

Absolutely! We have various units suitable for any special event you're planning. Whether it's luxury restroom trailers or standard portable toilets, MVP Rentals ensures your event has the right restroom facilities, as shown in the chart above.

No need to worry about permanent stains. In case the blue liquid comes in contact with your skin or clothing, a simple wash with soap or standard laundry detergents should easily remove the dye. However, it's essential to note that the blue dye may stain porous surfaces like non-treated wood, concrete, rocks, or landscaping.

Given their small and light nature, Porta Potties are susceptible to tipping over, especially in inclement weather or with rowdy activities. To prevent this, staking down your porta potties during special events is advisable. It ensures stability and prevents non-usability due to tipping, facilitating easier servicing. We recommend it when possible.

Porta Potties pack numerous features into a compact space, including an anti-slip floor, translucent roof, air vents, self-closing doors with locks, privacy/occupancy indicators, hand sanitizer dispensers,  and a contoured seat with lid. Some models may include a non-splash urinal in addition to the standard toilet seat.

A standard porta potty includes 2 rolls of toilet paper and hand sanitizers.

Portable Hand Washing Stations

Yes, we offer portable hand washing units for rental. These units are a convenient addition to ensure proper hand hygiene at your event.

To determine the ideal amount of units for your specific needs we recommend using the calculator for personalized assistance. Discuss the results with our customer service representative when renting to ensure a customized and optimal servicing plan as well.

Our portable hand washing units provide cold water only. While they don't have hot water, they are designed to offer a practical and efficient hand washing solution for various event settings.

Your guests, vendors, and employees value health and safety. Handwashing stations, like security measures, make good sense. Our portable stations provide a convenient and sanitary handwashing experience, ensuring cleanliness anywhere.

Free-standing, easy-to-transport machines offering flowing water for handwashing. They are versatile, requiring no plumbing for setup. The pedal-operated sink promotes sanitary use, and large soap dispensers and paper towels enhance cleanliness. Benefits include flexibility, no assembly, environmental friendliness, and improved hygiene in various settings.

No plumbing connection needed, making setup simple. A team member sets up the unit, fills the freshwater tank, and it's ready for use. Environmentally friendly, they reduce water wastage compared to traditional sinks. Ideal for construction sites, public parks, and events, providing accessible hygiene in remote locations.

Portable sinks are easy to set up, environmentally friendly, and offer hygiene in remote locations without plumbing connections. They reduce water wastage compared to traditional sinks, making them a convenient and sanitary choice for various settings.

Executive Restrooms

 During peak times (April - October), our restroom trailers often sell out months ahead. To secure a restroom for your event, we recommend ordering as early as possible. It's advisable to place your order right after finalizing your event date and location to ensure availability.

Our restroom trailers are versatile and can be placed almost anywhere. We generally require a 12ft height clearance, fairly flat/level hard ground, and a minimum of 10ft width for comfortable guest access. Reach out to our customer service for more information, including door orientation (currently facing the passenger side).


No water hookup is needed. All our trailers have an onboard water tank that we will fill with our own water upon delivery. Typically sufficient for most events based on guest and staff count. The tank can be refilled if needed for longer durations.

Yes, we highly recommend someone to be present during delivery to point out the desired set up location, demonstrate how the trailer operates, locate backup supplies, and provide the power source.

Our executive restroom trailers require 20 amp 110 volt Power Connection/Plug. If no plug is available, MVP Rentals provides generators at an additional cost.

The executive restroom trailer is thoughtfully equipped with a variety of amenities to enhance the user experience. These include a convenient baby changing table on each side, meticulously placed floor mats, privacy/occupancy light indicators, and elegant decorations crafted by local artists. The restroom is stocked with essential supplies such as soap, towelettes, and toilet paper, ensuring a high standard of hygiene.


Additional features contribute to the overall comfort and sophistication of the executive restroom trailer. Guests can enjoy the convenience of running hot water, optional lamps to place outside, and beautifully framed luxury mirrors. The trailer also boasts modern facilities like flushing toilets, a urinal, and a climate control system with both air conditioning and heating capabilities. Accentuated by overhead lights, the restroom trailer creates a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment for users.


Our Executive Restroom Trailers are 12’L x 6’6”W x 11’H. 

Holding Tanks

A holding tank is a single-compartment tank that collects wastewater and household waste from a house. It receives input from various sources like sinks, toilets, washing machines, and more. Everything goes into the holding tank until it's pumped out, and there's no drain field attached to holding tanks. 

No, MVP Rentals does not offer installation services for holding tanks. Our primary service is the rental and pumping of holding tanks. For installation, we recommend consulting a professional plumber. 

The frequency depends on residents' water usage. Showers, toilets, dishwashers, etc., drain into the holding tank. There's no specific timeline; it varies based on individual usage patterns.

Most holding tanks have an alarm that alerts you when the tank is full, assuming the alarm is in good working order.

Holding tank odors can result from equipment issues, improper use, or lack of proper treatment. Ensure proper exhaustion from the RV's top, maintain toilet seals, and avoid putting improper items down the toilet.


It is recommended to use 1-ply or 2-ply toilet paper to prevent issues such as clogging. It's important to avoid using flushable wipes, paper towels, or feminine products, as they can contribute to potential clogs in the holding tanks.

MVP Rentals provides a range of holding tank sizes, including translucent tanks available in capacities of 100 gallons, 250 gallons, and 300 gallons. Additionally, gray holding tanks with a capacity of 250 gallons are offered. These tanks can be utilized for holding nonpotable water, black water, or gray water.

 Yes, it is advisable to insulate your holding tanks throughout the year. Insulation serves a dual purpose, keeping the water cool in the summer and preventing freezing during the winter.

Grease Trap

The frequency of grease trap service depends on the volume of grease produced and the trap's size. Reputable companies can create a service schedule compliant with regulations based on your business's needs

Grease trap cleaning is best done by licensed service providers familiar with local regulations. Methods include pump and return (removing fats but returning separated gray water) and dry pump (removing all contents). It's crucial to partner with a trustworthy provider to handle the job responsibly and comply with regulations.

 If not cleaned, material buildup over time can lead to backups in the kitchen or overflows into the sewer system. Regular cleaning prevents these issues and ensures proper functioning.

 No, pouring grease down the drain can cause clogging, backups, and damage to plumbing systems. Grease traps are for residual grease, not solid materials. Used cooking oil should be properly collected and recycled.

No, a grease trap should never be completely full with water to prevent overflows into the municipal sewer system. It should be roughly 1/4 full. Some municipalities may require a specific water level.

While assistance in removing contents is offered, overflow issues caused by clogs may require a plumber. Regularly scheduled maintenance helps prevent clogs and disruptions.

Foul smells in drainage pipes indicate the need for cleaning. If blockages are noticed, consulting a plumbing company before calling a grease trap cleaning service is advisable. Regular maintenance helps prevent issues.

Mobile Septic Pumping

The frequency depends on factors like tank size, usage habits, and the number of occupants. Generally, it's recommended when tanks are about 2/3 full. Considerations include usage frequency, tank size, trip duration, and personal preference for cleanliness and odor control.

While not always necessary, being present is recommended. It allows for efficient access, coordination with the service provider, clarifying instructions or concerns, and verification of the pumping process for peace of mind.

 Yes, preparations include ensuring clear access to the outlet, securing pets and personal items, and providing necessary information about the RV's system to our team. During the cold months please ensure your RV line’s are also thawed and insulated, as we cannot pump them when they are frozen.

Generally, the standard RV pumping process takes around 20 to 30 minutes, but larger RVs or tanks may require more time. Factors like accessibility, complications, or additional services requested can impact the overall time.

RV tanks are designed to convert all contents into a liquid. The RV's motion, starting and stopping, breaks down solids, mixing them with flush water to turn the tank's contents into a liquid. This liquid can then flow out of the discharge valve(s). The tank is vented to prevent implosions when connected to a vacuum source.

During an RV pump-out, a hose is attached to the discharge valve(s), and the service provider vacuums the waste that has turned into a liquid, allowing it to flow out. The duration depends on the tank's size and the number of tanks.

Several factors could lead to this situation. If the RV has been heavily used but stationary for a while, solids may build up, especially under the toilet. These solids won't flow to the discharge valve, creating the appearance that the tank wasn't pumped. Additionally, if the tank is full, solids can cover gauge sensors, resulting in a false reading.

To prevent this, it's advisable to drive the RV around before the service to mix up solids in the liquids. Alternatively, on-site, you can use a garden hose to spray water into the toilet, breaking up and washing away solid build-up during pumping.

Adding to this adding a bag of ice when driving around the help move content around.

Septic Pumping

Signs indicating the need for septic pumping include slow drains, unpleasant odors in your home or yard, and sewer backups. Lush grass above the septic tank or drainage field is also a sign that pumping may be necessary. Consulting a licensed service technician can help assess the situation.

The frequency of septic tank pumping varies based on factors like sludge level, usage, and wastewater volume. Generally, experts recommend pumping every three to five years. Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial for ensuring the proper functioning of your septic system.

Avoid pumping your septic tank if your home has flooded, as it may introduce floodwater. Additionally, refrain from pumping if the sludge level is low, if the tank is old or fragile (consult a professional), or if a scheduled septic inspection is within two weeks.

Neglecting septic tank pumping can lead to issues such as blockages, diseases, and expensive repairs. Wastewater backing up poses health risks, and the release of bacteria into the soil can contaminate underground water. Blocked septic systems can cause substantial damage and require costly repairs.

After septic pumping, maintain your system by scheduling routine inspections and maintenance. Invest in water-efficient appliances, avoid flushing non-biodegradable items, and refrain from parking or driving on the septic tank or drainfield. Prevent rain runoff water from entering the drainfield, and avoid using products or chemicals that claim to clean the septic tank, as they may do more harm than good.

Jennifer Jacaway
Jennifer Jacaway
MVP has very friendly staff. Their customer service is a 5 star. We usually get to work with this company every summer. I highly recommend. We have never been disappointed. We have needed the portable toilets moved in the past to sightly different areas then what they were placed. They have always been more than happy to make sure that we were accommodated and they were placed where we needed them.They keep the units super clean and stocked. They always go above and beyond. Love this company. Thank you all so much for all you do!!!!
Melissa Hart
Melissa Hart
DO NOT USE this service. This company came to do a routine septic system drain on RV and the technician blew raw sewage from a previous job into my property. This blew my lines, septic system and under belly full of human feces from another dump job. Multiple attempts with the owner to report and reconcile were made and ultimately no solution was offered. Liability and responsibility were solely on this company and human feces were blowing out of the roof and underbelly of a like new toy hauler. All employees admitted fault but ultimately the owner refuses to cover damage. DO NOT USE this company.
Paul Haacke
Paul Haacke
I have high expectations and MVP Rentals exceeded them. Everyone from the office staff to the delivery person were incredibly friendly, polite and very helpful. We were in a bind and needed quick assistance and MVP delivered for us. I highly recommend their services.
Jessica Hughes
Jessica Hughes
This company is hard working, reliable and gets the job done right!
Zak Nunan
Zak Nunan
They do some good work. Fast too!
Kayden Patterson
Kayden Patterson
They clean great and their employees are super friendly!
Connor Patterson
Connor Patterson
Super nice and they jumped right on it when I called

Portable Restroom & Handwash Sink


Calculations are based on best industry provided practices and traffic statistics. This Portable Restrooms and Handwash Sinks Calculator is meant to be used only as an estimation tool. Always check first with your local health department for their final approval before purchasing restrooms and sinks when planning a large event to ensure that your provided facilities level meets their standards and regulations.